The Secret of Transformation

Over the years working with women, I am surprised that no matter how young, old or fashion savvy a woman is, they are all almost always fascinated by makeup. That is understandable; women know that in the confines of its pretty packaging foundations, blushes and mascara have the power to help us reinvent ourselves. I believe women should reinvent themselves often. Just like the same actress in different movies have new makeup, a new hairstyle and wardrobe for the different parts they play. So, makeup colors or application can be changed according to the many roles in our lives. However, some things in your beauty routine should stay consistent.

Referring to putting on our makeup as a beauty regime, is kind of funny, I know for me a single Mom, with an autistic son, a teenage daughter, an amazing clientele, a business and a motorcycle riding fiancée my “regime” is throwing on my makeup in carpool lines, while on the phone, at stop lights…. it’s almost always on the go! And that’s ok, the process should be quick and easy. The big special nights you can promise yourself to sit down in front of a mirror and actually take time to savor the ritual of beauty.

In the meantime, your transformation has to be quick and there are things that you can consistently do that will make you look pulled together and according to psychology, will create more physical attraction from the opposite sex (thought I would mention that bonus!). So the basics to physical attractiveness are first, great skin. Don’t roll your eyes, I know not everyone was born with the J-lo glow, but everyone can get it! One of the cornerstones of great skin is the ability to attract light to bounce off the various planes of the face (thus the glow that has become a legend). This glow imparts radiance, a healthy youthfulness to the skin. You can achieve it a couple of ways. I believe beauty is a whole process. What’s happens inside often tells the story outside. So, drink plenty of water, really. Skin that is dehydrated looks tired, older and dull. Sip white tipped tea and green teas. These are actually packed with anti oxidants that give a beautiful glow from inside. As far as skin care you must exfoliate. This is like polishing your skin; it removes dead skin cells so light can hit all the smooth planes of your face. Finally, a sheer foundation that boasts having radiance, is always a good choice.

Once you have achieved radiant skin, take a large brush for a more natural application and brush a matte bronzer where the sun would hit the face. Run the bronzer along the jawbone to make the face look less full, and disguise jowls and double chin. Then add a pop of cream blush in the apple of your cheek; this gives a natural stained glass window effect like you are blushing from the inside out. A healthy pink or peach takes years off. Great skin with a healthy pop of color must be paired with some full pouty lips. Full lips are a psychological marker of attraction for men. They make you look younger and balance the symmetry of the face. If you don’t have Angelina’s pout, you can get it. There are hundreds of great lip plumpers on the market. But first, take a few seconds to make your lips kissy and take your pointer finger and tap briskly on your lips. This brings circulation and blood to the area, and then apply your plumper for instant fullness, I promise. Finally top those kissable lips with a sheer nudish pinkish gloss. This makes the lips look moist and healthy and youthful. For beautiful lip maintenance, I suggest after you brush your teeth run the tooth brush across it and brush your lips. This removes dead skin for soft supple lips. Always apply lip moisturizer of Vaseline on lips at night before bed… and must I remind you, don’t smoke!

For eyes brush a neutral matte fleshy color all over lid, this paired with a soft eyeliner kept close to the base of the lashes is often enough. The important details about the eyes that will change the way you look… is eyebrows and lashes. Eyebrows to a woman’s beauty are more important then hair. Think of the cartoon the Flintstones. They never moved their face only their eyebrows, and we knew exactly what they were feeling. Mad, sad, suspicious it was all in the brow, if your brows are permanently at mad position you will seem unapproachable and unlikeable. I am always baffled why women will spend hundreds of dollars a month on their hair and insist on self-brow maintenance. Definitely find a good brow person and treat yourself. Once you have the road map you can go solo tweezing for a while! Fuller, more arched brows are more consistent with youth and attractiveness. Think of the most beautiful actresses of all time, they all have great brows in common. To fill in brows yourself, it’s easiest to use a powder and slanted brush in a color about the same as the base of your hair. Start at the inner corner of the brow; follow its natural shape using light feather strokes to the end of the eye. Look straight in the mirror and above the outer corner of your pupil is where there should be a subtle arch. Try to softly draw it in if its not there, but do have them professionally contoured if you can.

Lashes are important to your over all look. They bring the eyes up for an instant lift. Make sure you have a great mascara in your makeup bag. A lash curler gives the lashes more pow, and then a few coats of mascara should have your eyes twinkling. When you have all the basics done, run your fingers through your hair and massage your scalp. This takes tension from the face and it feels good! Finish your look with a soft layer of a nude shimmer on the cheekbone. If you have lines around the eyes, use a liquid shimmer that is soft and keep it away from those fine lines. Dab some on your collarbones. By highlighting this area it gives the illusion of a thin décolleté, often taking pounds away magically.

These are basic steps that should remain consistent with your routine. Remember: flawless radiant skin, healthy color in the cheeks, a soft kiss of the sun, full pouty lips, strong perfect brows, great big fat lashes and a subtle glow. You will always look healthy, polished and pulled together. Makeup is an amazing tool, but you hold the power to transform, not just the way you look but the way you feel. There is nothing more beautiful then a women who looks life in the face and sees its magic and her own. Confidence and being comfortable in your own skin is the best beauty secret ever. So, if you feel overwhelmed by makeup and the process of reinventing yourself, learn it. Knowledge is power. Read, practice and maybe even take a private makeup lesson. This will leave you with the tools and know how to prepare for all the starring roles in your life. ~ Victoria Duke