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Pageant Makeup and Hair Tips: Winning Pro Advice

In need of some expert makeup and hair tips?  Well these aren’t just the same old same old. If you came across this page, you might also be searching for the perfect pageant makeup and hair tips… for winners. Whether you’re stepping out on a stage soon with your eye on a crown, about to walk the red carpet or simply just look amazing at all times, we’ve got you covered.

She Who Has A Track Record of Creating Winners



Victoria Duke, Celebrity Makeup Artist, proudly includes Miss Universe, Miss USA and 200+ global beauty queens amongst her A-list clientele.

We sat down to chat with Paris-trained celebrity makeup artist, Victoria Duke, who had just returned from a multi-city global star stunned tour. Victoria counts A-list celebrities as her clients and friends and she is the artist who has created the winning looks for Miss Universe, Miss USA and hundreds of beauty queens across the globe.

So sought after and recognized for outstanding achievement, Victoria recently won the highly coveted Prestige Pageantry Award for her vision and accomplishments in the beauty industry  as well as for her work in promoting goodness and kindness in the world through her business initiatives.

With that in mind, we decided to talk to her about how she’s developed such a long list of winning looks for today’s reigning beauty queens. Victoria Duke is the perfect person to share pageant makeup and hair tips because she has a track record of creating looks that win.

So …if you’re participating in a pageant soon, consider this some expert advice and a must read! And if you’re not thinking of being a contestant anytime soon…think of this as advice to help bring out your own inner Beauty Queen!

Winner’s Circle:  Pageant Makeup and Hair Tips Created By Victoria Duke


Makeup, Victoria Duke Beauty


What advice do you have for helping a contestant determine the most flattering make-up for her coloring (i.e. fair, dark, olive)?

Victoria Duke:  First, it’s important to remember that pageant makeup should be natural. I believe the entire idea is to bring out each contestant’s own, radiant beauty. The secret is…it is natural radiant beauty that always wins. That said, color selection for hair and skin tone should be classic and well suited to fit each contestant’s personal beauty.

Take It From Ordinary To Extraordinary


Makeup: Victoria Duke Beauty

Victoria Duke:  Also, whenever possible, I think it’s important to ask a professional to assist in making color choices. Choosing the right color palette that compliments your own coloring often makes the difference. With the right mix of classic colors, makeup can go from ordinary to extraordinary.

With technology, pageant contestants have so many resources to provide assistance nowadays including many great You Tube tutorials.  For contestants that aren’t able to travel to our studio in South Florida, my team at  Victoria Duke Beauty regularly skypes with contestants to help them create their own individual look. We help maximize natural coloring and skin tone by showing contestants which colors are truly best for them and teach exactly how to apply the products. We make it full-proof and fun!

Pageant Makeup and Hair Do’s and Don’ts 

Is there a makeup style or styles that work best for each pageant category?

Victoria Duke:  Regardless of the category, pageant makeup should be based in natural, earth toned colors. Lips should be nude. Wear a slightly darker foundation shade to avoid looking washed out on stage. I suggest going one shade darker than your natural skin tone. Highlight gently around the eyes and lashes for a clean, natural look. Apply a radiant blush in a neutral color on the balls of the cheeks.

Depending on hair type (straight, curly, long, mid-length), which hair styles should contestants incorporate into their own look?

Victoria Duke:  Pageant hair should always have a natural flow. Soft curls and volume always work best. For contestants who are looking to add more volume and length, I often suggest quality hair extensions.

Are there any makeup and hair styles or application techniques that contestants should avoid?

Victoria Duke:  Yes. Contestants should avoid any makeup look that is too intense, especially dramatic contouring. Also, dark and bright lipsticks are not flattering for pageants. Keep it soft!

Pageant Makeup and Hair Tips:  The Top 10 Must-Have Makeup Products 


Makeup: Victoria Duke Beauty

Victoria, can you share with us the top ten makeup products that contestants should have with them at all times?

Victoria Duke:  Absolutely!  First, some advice. Don’t get overwhelmed. Advanced planning is key.  Know exactly what looks best on you and what the game plan is. For instance, when working with a contestant in studio or on a skype call, my team at Victoria Duke Beauty, writes it all out, like a recipe. We leave nothing to chance.

My makeup and hair pageant-ready list for every contestant includes:

  1. Milk of Magnesia (This seems odd to some, I know. It’s an amazing pro trick, and a must have. It acts as the perfect primer and helps make skin look absolutely flawless)
  2. Contour (remember, application is light and natural)
  3. Highlighter
  4. Foundation (remember, one shade darker than your skin tone as stage lights can wash you out)
  5. Blush  (radiant, natural shade)
  6. Mascara
  7. False Eyelashes
  8. Eyeshadow palette – neutral shades
  9. Nude lipstick and Gloss
  10. Hair Spray and Large Pink Rollers for volume

Victoria and her team can work magic one-on-one to create your winning look!  Appointments are done either in studio or via skype. Click here to connect and learn more.

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