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Purium and Victoria Duke Beauty: Girl Gone Green

“Take your power back. You are only one choice away from living your best life. Will you make it?”

Beauty is An Inside Job

I’m proud to announce my latest alliance at Victoria Duke Beauty, Girl Gone Green.  It’s a partnership opportunity with a company called Purium and it supports my mission of empowering others to live their best lives.

Girl Gone Green could be an amazing life changing fit for you.

How I Discovered The Impact of Going Green

As a celebrity artist, I’m all about glam, the red carpet and conspiring to create beauty from the inside out.

I opened Academy of Glam, my school for makeup artists in 2010.

Next, I launched my beauty studio, VDB Studios in 2012.

In 2015, I was be beyond proud to take my dream full circle with the launch of my own makeup artistry and lifestyle brand, Victoria Duke Beauty. It goes without saying that I’m passionate about both beauty and business!

In 2013, I was introduced to a green organic product line that had a profound and positive health impact on me, my clients, family, friends and staff.  

Unexpectedly, these pure, green organic products also had a huge impact financially on me as well.

Finding Purium:  Live Healthy. Be Happy. Create More Success. 

Purium has literally blown my mind because I have seen unexpected results both health wise and financially. I believe in the company, the people of the company and most importantly the all natural, all green products. That’s why I made it part of my lifestyle and my brand. Victoria Duke Beauty is all about living beauty from the inside out.

The Purium products are superior and life changing.  The company is amazing. I feel blessed to have been introduced to a new opportunity. That’s why I want to share these amazing products with others comes and it’s why network marketing is uniquely smart for this specific company, Purium.

The market timing of this product line is incredible. As you know, people are demanding affordable organic, green, non-GMO super foods like never before. The timing, the product and the business model of this young growing company have aligned as the perfect storm – and I want to be apart of it. I think you should be too.

As those of you who know me well know, I could only align myself with a product and business model that was created with strong integrity. Purium is a company focused on helping people look great, get healthy and succeed.  So is Victoria Duke Beauty.

My goal in life is to help empower others to build success, to help others create abundance, to uplift and transform lives and and for all of us to live a life of beauty from the inside out!


Join Me. The Team VDB Girl Gone Green Partnership Opportunity

We are exploding and I’m looking for potential new partners who are interested in working directly with me on this amazing opportunity Girl Gone Green at VDB. 

I’m looking for committed people, who enjoy the abundance and amazing rewards that comes from passionate good work.

If that’s you and you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please click here to contact me personally. 

Here’s to your health, abundance, and success.  Here’s to you, living a beautiful life!

With Love and Light,

Victoria  xo

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