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Dreams Do Come True

Never Give Up

Today, I’m celebrating that my dream of launching my own beauty and lifestyle brand, VDB,  will be officially happening on my beloved Mother’s birthday, August 18. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I was able to overcome what I have and that this is actually happening. But, I’m here. I’m still standing. And I’m not just surviving, I am thriving. I want you to know that whatever you are dreaming, whatever it is that you want…DON’T GIVE UP.  You can live your dream too.

Here’s my story that I originally shared with the world when I opened Academy of Glam. I hope my story of overcoming obstacles, finding courage to believe in myself and follow my passion will inspire you to keep moving forward too!


Victoria Duke looking out to a bright future, at VDB Studios in South Florida

Victoria Duke:  My Story.  So Far ……

I have long enjoyed an exciting career as a makeup artist. I have had the opportunity to travel the world, share important moments in many women’s lives and help them find their magic. I am still amazed at the power and strength of the human spirit, the sense of community and support among women and the ability to virtually rebuild a life full of purpose and love, no matter what the obstacle.

I have spoken to groups of thousands of women, mentored hundreds of artists to watch them fulfill their dreams. In the mean time I carefully laid the groundwork for my vision, a nurturing soil to watch women grow, achieve, survive and succeed. I have fulfilled my dream. I am watching my vision unfold.

I’m Not Just A Survivor. I’m A Thriver.

I have done it through loss, divorce, being a single mom, raising a special needs child and experiencing life betrayals. I have carefully navigated these experiences, stayed on course… and always remained positive and hopeful.

I had great mentors, friends, children and a love so true and deep that I refer to him as my reward. I consider myself not a survivor, but a ” thriver.” I refuse to look back at the obstacles and only focus on the blessings along my journey. I feel grateful for the people who loved and believed in me and treated me with kindness and dignity. I feel sorry for others, who perhaps couldn’t respect themselves enough to respect others. I say wherever you go that’s where you are.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Know that when you really decide that you want something and have a purpose, the Universe will conspire to help you get it. It did me. Thank you to my children for giving my life purpose, my family for giving my life a circle of strength… with no beginning or end. My friends for endless hours of delight and inspiration… for being the women you dreamed of being, and to my husband for giving my heart and my dreams wings to soar. We are all experiencing what we have created. I have created something wonderful.

My goal is to help other women too. Today, I’m putting the finishing touches on my new website. Academy of Glam is being polished, painted and given a transformation, AoG style. The old walls and worn paint will be gone.

The desolate sound of silence and emptiness that lingered inside will be no more. It will be shiny and bright, full of hope and filled with love, wisdom and light. Soon we will open the doors to my dream.

Thanks for being a part of my journey.

With Love and Light,

Victoria Duke  xo

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