VDB Official Launch: August 18. I’m Heating Up South Florida!


The question isn’t who’s going to let me… The question is who’s going to stop me!?
Victoria Duke Beauty official launch is right around the corner, August 18, 2015!
Here I am in pre-launch mode, wearing my very own, Dramatically Sexy Lip Gloss, aka “DSL“. 🙂



Why do we love it?

  • Formula. I wanted to create dreamy pigment that diffuses light and makes your lips look big & sexy.
  • Feel.  DSL stays put & it’s not sticky or tacky.  It glides right on and feels so good….
  • Fab Colors.  I’m proud to say, I magically mixed up THE best “must have” colors. These are the colors that I’ve been using on the red carpet & events all this year and they are to die for!  I’m thrilled and humbled that I can finally make them available to everyone who’s been asking me for so long now! Finally!!!
  • Flavor.  We are all HATERS of Lip Gloss that tastes bad so I created DSL in the most incredible flavors to wear (and share) DSL makes lips incredibly kissable.
  • Customized. DSL is individually customized just for you- You mix and match. Pick your color and flavor!

I can’t wait for the launch party next week! The RSVP’s are pouring in & I’m honored that so many people are as excited as I am for this magical, Greek themed South Florida event! I’m beyond excited to see all my friends, colleagues and supporters gathering around to share a little love and lip gloss together at VDB Studios!!

~Victoria xoxoxo

P.S. Want to bring out big, sexy lips too? Try a little DSL yourself.  Click here  (Don’t forget to first select your shade, then add your flavor!)

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